Training Packages Are Under Review for CESP CEU Credits 

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Training on the essential elements of supported employment 

  • Relationship building with the person supported is a critical component to success.  The trust and confidence developed between the individual and the employment specialist and the paired continuum of service through the assessment, job development and matching, and training phases pay great dividends towards true gainful employment and life normalization.  
  • Determining genuine personal goals- full participation of the individual, involving family and close others, fun yet strategic community based assessments, looking deeper to discover natural vocations and motivators, and looking beyond the individual's past devaluing experiences.... all advance the knowledge necessary for job matching, job acquisition, vocational maturity, and career advancement
  • Job development strategies that land jobs; job carving; knowing your market; knowing what employers need; job development role playing; selling the individual and their skills and motivation to employers; coach information sharing methods; interview role playing and video feedback; completing applications for employment and cover letters that get interviews; typical and atypical job resources, completing vocational profiles... and more are all necessary tools of the employment support professional.
  • On-the-job training including a multitude of techniques to foster true productivity and social integration including the task analyses, discrete methods of systematic instruction; picture technologies for task acquisition, self management, and behavioral change; production gain strategies; determining and meeting employer expectations; coping strategies; peer and natural support development; family and bureaucratic barriers to independence.
  • Valued and focused long term supports that foster true community and life integration and normalization, improve life quality, advance self-autonomy....what 95% of people with disabilities say they want. 
  • Understanding Social Security Work Incentives to thwart misinformation, advance inter-agency collaboration, motivate individuals and families to support work, to manage poor SSA communications, to assist the individual and families in budget changes as the individual controls more of their individual resources, to become a tax payer and a consumer of good and services....ultimately to foster independence especially as family members age.
  • Training packages are currently under review for CESP CEU credits.

 Training on the unique elements of supported employment

  • Engagment with employers and the individual that land jobs
  • Supported self-employment
  • Productivity gain methods and maintenance
  • Behavioral change strategies with minimal interventions and self-management
  • Developing and implementing workplace adaptations
  • Self-management strategies in production, time management, and behaviors
  • Picture prompt technologies for task acquisition, time management, and self-mgt
  • Work opportunity tax credits that get executed and benefit the employer
  • Social Security Work Incentives designed for the ESP (employment support pro)  
  • Understanding, meeting, and exceeding employer expectations- going the extra mile
  • Methods of intra-agency collaboration to enhance qualify of life and job retention


  • Program structures, management, and methods of supervision that research evidence proves produce better outcomes
  • Mission and philosophy of services, goals, objectives, and working principles that are ethical, valuing, and provide the guiding light for decision making and sevice provisions
  • Serving individuals based on risk and need, not the order of request or cherry picking
  • Quality program indicators and fidelity to research based evidence
  • The importance of the relationship in fostering success and motivation
  • Effective communication strategies and inter agency collaborations
  • Job descriptions that reinforce mission and expectations for success
  • How to facilitate real choice in programs with multiple vocational settings

Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) Exam Training

  • Regional or in-house staff training guided by APSE's certification council's "Blueprint" content to help staff and management prepare for CESP exam.  New Fall 2013.

Direct consumer or consumer/employment specialist support

  • Direct professional support for individuals who pose unique challenges in obtaining and maintaining gainful employment in a manner to facilitates deep and functional working skills of the Employment Support Professional.

SE Program Development and Interim Program Management

  • Available for hire to develop an effective start up program
  • Available for hire as an interim program manager due to staff turnover or to revamp a non-productive SE program

 Training at your location, in the field, or in your region. 

  • Training can occur within your program where the teachings and implementation of interventions are concurrent, efficient, and most likely to become working skills that individuals need from employment specialists.  Training can also take place in group style presentations at your location or in your region and co-oping with other providers to minimize costs.  The training is face-to-face, participatory, and requires demonstrated skill of the subject areas taught.